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Elizabeth Bathory; The Blood Countess and Serial Killer.

Elizabeth Bathory; The Blood Countess and Serial Killer.

Natasha Cribbs

2nd Period, Mrs. Bonner, English 11

May 26, 2011

            Elizabeth Bathory was known for a lot of things, only one being the belief of the discovery of eternal youth in young girls blood. She didn’t start out the murderous woman she became. Her life was actually quite picturesque in Hungary (modern day Slovakia). Even the nice life was tainted by torture.

On August 7, 1560, George and Anna Bathory gave birth to Elizabeth. She was born into nobility that “stemmed from the Hun Gutkeled clan which held power in broad areas of east central Europe and had emerged to assume a role of relative eminence by the first half of the 13th century” (Jerome C. Krause, n.d.). Being from nobility though, didn’t mean that everything was perfect. It wasn’t very long in her life when Elizabeth began to witness severe acts of violence caused from her father’s officers. Once, she saw a “ captured thief being sewn into the stomach of a dying horse and left to perish” ( Josh Clark, n.d.). That, outbursts of rage, her parents condoning attitudes towards violence, and possible epilepsy were probable reasons for her horrid future.

She still wasn’t all bad after what she had been through. At age 15, Elizabeth was betrothed and got married for several political reasons to Count Ferencz Nadasdy. They lived together for the early part of their marriage in Sarvir, Hungary. He took her surname when they married giving her the title of Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy. Over more amount of her life, she had four children, Anastasia Bathory, Anna, Katalin, and Paul Nadasdy. The main downfall to their marriage was that Ferencz was a soldier and was away from home more than he was there. Some say that he taught his wife new torture methods, while others disagree. Either way, is was said that she was indeed a good mother.

Being born, and marrying into nobility would always come with its perks. Elizabeth Bathory had several servants to keep her company at the castle while others were away. This began to turn around quickly though. One day Elizabeth’s temper was short, and she brutally struck one of her servant girls. She struck her so hard that her nails racked against her the girls cheek and some of the blood got on Elizabeths skin. She became sure that part of her where the blood had landed looked fresher, younger, brighter, and somehow more pliant.

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