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The World Is Too Much with Us Analysis

Natasha Cribbs

Dr. Sunni Thibodeau

World Literature Since 1650

8 October, 2013

The World Is Too Much with Us Analysis

            The poem The World Is Too Much with Us is a romantic piece. Knowing more about what a romantic piece means helps understand the meaning and issues in the poem. Now days people view romantics as love and flowers. However, Romanticism in poetry delves into the power and interests of nature. William Wordsworth expresses the human ignorance of nature and how awesome nature is through the speaker, title, and imagery.

The speaker is not fully one with nature. He is, however, aware of how little attention humans pay to nature. The speaker knows that there is so much nature. He also notices how there is very little time given to appreciate and experience nature first hand. The speaker is someone who wants more time with nature and to be able to see the miraculous aspects like the deity “Triton”(14). This is where him wanting to be Pagan comes in.

Not only is the speaker important in the poem, but so is the title. The title of the poem is a little odd to some readers. It is read differently then how people would say it normally, now. The world is too much with us is a saying that is expressing how little time people use for nature. When something is “too much”, the person is saying that they cannot handle it, that there is not enough time for them to be able to do something, or it may just be over bearing. In this poem, maybe there is too much life and time in the way of taking a break for nature and appreciation.

Imagery is also a big part of the poem. Imagery is often something used heavily with nature. Nature is often descriptive and interesting. In this poem, nature is personified. It is expressed as a woman might look, a howling, and as if it sleeps. Not only is it personified, but it is also shown in the setting. The setting is an outlook to the sea. The speaker is a little saddened by how little time there is for nature and wishes that he could be happier looking out.

The World Is Too Much with Us by William Wordsworth is a poem about humans and nature conflicting in a very simple way. It is about a speaker and his thoughts and ideals and the neatness of nature. It is all shown in a few simple things like the setting, title, and speaker. Wordsworth seems to get his point across.

Work Cited

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